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Vini Jr.: “Ancelotti has always given me the confidence that I needed, he's like a father to me”

NEWS STORY. 07/12/2022

“I've got the best players alongside me, both in the national team and at Real Madrid”, explained the Real Madrid man.

Vini Jr. spoke at a press conference during the World Cup in Qatar. The madridista played a key role in the Round of 16 match thanks to a goal and an assist and will take on Modrić's Croatia in the quarter-finals (Friday, 4pm CET). Vini Jr. emphasised Ancelotti's role in his phenomenal evolution as a player: "He always gave me the confidence that I needed; the right amount of attention at the right times. He's like a father to me, he always provides me with the love that I need, as well as the responsibility. It's what he does with all the players he works with, not just me".

"Whenever I get together with Ronaldo, he always says that Ancelotti was the best coach he's ever had. On top of the technical and tactical side, he also understands how to interact with the player; he knows how to handle great footballers. He always texts me and I would also like to send him my love, I'm delighted to receive his kindness".
Quarter-finals against Modrić
"Playing against top quality players is always very difficult. Modrić has always taught me a lot, on and off the pitch. He taught me that pass with the outside of the foot. I've been getting better every day in order for me to have more things to play with. He still teaches me things every day and does everything he can to me keep improving. He is a role model for me. A 37-year-old player still performing at his level is rare. I'm pleased to play against him and may the best player win".
Evolution as a player
"I always try to develop, both in the national team and at Real Madrid, where I spend more time. Ancelotti really helps me a lot; so does Tite. They're very similar and talk to each other a lot. Whenever I have anything I need to improve, I focus one hundred per cent on improving as soon as I can. There's no time for regrets in football, especially at the top level. You need to evolve and learn. I try to be more aggressive in marking, providing more assists, scoring more goals and having a greater importance in the team. Helping the team is what I value the most".

"I'm really happy that at 22 years of age I've achieved the goals I set for myself in life. I want to continue the working how I've been doing to get here. I've got the best players alongside me, both in the national team and at Real Madrid. God willing, we'll add another to the list on the 18th, and then we'll look to win everything again".