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Chus Mateo: “We’re ready to play on a tough court”

NEWS STORY. 01/12/2022

“We’ve got a tough game ahead of us against Fenerbahçe, but we want to keep going along the same lines”, said Deck.

Chus Mateo and Gabriel Deck spoke ahead of Real Madrid’s EuroLeague round 11 clash, which sees the team take on Fenerbahçe in Istambul. The coach had the following to say in the press conference: “There'll be several important factors in the game, but one of the most vital will be not conceding turnovers. If we do, we risk facing counterattacks. This is a team that punishes the opposition's turnovers the best. They’re very direct when you lose the ball”.

"We're ready to play on a tough court, against a team that's performing strongly and is at the top of the table in all the statistical charts. We're going to try to defeat them, but we know it'll be tough”.

Current form
“We're working along the lines we have to follow, despite not being as consistent as I'd like us to be. The EuroLeague is really long. It'll be a good test, but it's just another game in the regular league. Whether we win or lose it's not a final, but a sign that we're on the right path”.

"Rudy has gradually got back into the game, but he's training alone, with no contact. Yabusele is progressing, he's doing well and should be back soon. We have to be careful with Adam Hanga because it's a recurring injury and while it doesn't seem too serious, we'll have to be patient. He's been struggling with it since last year, he picked it up at the European Championship and now he's relapsed again and we don't want to push him".

The opposition
"A top team like Fenerbahçe has plenty of resources to handle any injuries, no matter how important they are. Motley's had a great season so far, but Wilbekin's absence doesn't prevent Guduric, Mahmutoglu, Edwards or Calathes from performing well. I'm sure they won't feel it”.

Condolences for family of Miguel Ángel Martín
"I'd like to express my condolences to his family and friends and extend my full support at this time."

Deck: “We need to defend with great energy”
“We’ve got a tough game ahead of us, just like every away game in the EuroLeague, on a tough court, but we're up for it and we want to perform well. We need to defend with great energy, stay focused for 40 minutes and always look for the right option in attack, as we've been doing in the last few games”.

“We want to keep going along the same lines. We're on a good run and getting wins is always positive, but we can't be complacent because Fenerbahçe are a strong team with top players. We know their game, what their strengths are, but we have to focus on ourselves because if we perform well, we’ll have a better chance of winning”.