Chus Mateo: “The Partizan match will be extremely demanding”

"We're up against a side who play with a lot of energy and have extremely talented players", said Musa.
Chus Mateo and Musa addressed the club's official media in order to analyse the Euroleague round 10 match between Real Madrid and Partizan. The Real Madrid coach said: "We've had a recovery session. It's going to be a very demanding game against Partizan. We have to remain focused on what we're doing right. It's going to be a very physically and mentally demanding game".
"They're a very athletic team and play with good intensity. They've got a lot of players in the low post and are capable of scoring one-on-one. It'll be a long game and we'll need to fight until the end to get the win. We can't afford to relax because it's going to be a tight game".
Evenly matched
"The standard of the teams is high and it was a big win against Valencia. The same goes for Milan. We haven't lost at home either. We have to carry on winning because wins help us to pick up confidence and enable us to carry on working along the same lines".
Musa: "It's a very important game"
"The game against Partizan tomorrow is very important. We have to focus on what's ahead of us and put what's happened so far behind us, including the recent win against Valencia. We're up against a team who play with a lot of energy, they've got a top coach and extremely talented players".

"We have to be ready for all this and realise that we have the quality needed to handle such a tough game against such strong opponents and fight for the win".