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Real Madrid - Celtic

Ancelotti: "It was a good performance, we didn’t want any problems and we’re delivered"

NEWS STORY. 02/11/2022. Rodrigo Salamanca

“Rodrygo, Vini and Valverde have shouldered this responsibility and they’re delivering”, said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu after Real Madrid‘s win over Celtic. When asked how his young players were contributing to the team’s offensive firepower, the coach had the following to say: “It’s more about the mental aspect of the players. Now they’re more involved and have more confidence, especially Valverde. He’s improved dramatically in terms of the goals he scored last season. Vini moves better off the ball and finds good positions inside the area. We’ve managed to replace Karim, who was the star player last season”.
“Some opponents are good at free-kicks and sometimes you concede like that. The game and the performance were good from the start. The team was focussed. We didn’t want any problems, just to play well, and we did that today”.
“Marco was the best player today. He played on the wing and linked up well with Valverde, who was playing more open, and with Carvajal. The three players combined really well. Asensio played out wide most of the time. He has all the quality required to make a difference when he’s on the pitch. He was tough, effective on the ball and he worked really hard off the ball”.
Vini Jr. and Valverde
“Their individual quality’s clear to see. Character can limit individual quality, but both of them have a very strong character because they’re very serious and modest professionals. It’s surprising what they’re doing, but I wouldn’t say too much”.
Progress of the young players

“They have no limits. They're doing well and have the possibility to improve in many respects. Rodrygo, Vini and Valverde are doing well. Not having Karim has added more responsibility to everyone's game, especially the forwards. They’ve shouldered this responsibility and they’re delivering”.
Goals from Valverde
“It would be good for him to score even more goals because he’s got such a good shot on him. He’s capable of scoring many more”.

"It's always the same. The youngsters surprise people, Luka and Toni don't. They always perform at a very high level. They look after the ball well and control the tempo of the game. They've got unique quality and experience. They're not kids, but they are both very good".
Asensio's attitude
"Asensio has stuck at it and has shown a good attitude when he hasn't been playing. That's certainly helping him now as he's shown his quality and what he brings to the team. I didn't doubt him. When a player is unhappy, he can have a positive or negative response. He has responded positively".
Vini Jr. and Rodrygo to play for Brazil
"I don't know exactly how many minutes they'll play at the World Cup as I don't decide. It's obvious that they can be star players. They're displaying a lot of quality and we'll see what happens at the World Cup".
Benzema and Tchouameni
"I don't know which leg Tchouameni is suffering with. It's not a muscular injury, it's tendinitis and has been bothering him in the last few days. He's feeling better and I think he'll be fit for Monday just like Karim. He was feeling good today and he'll play on Monday".
Sergio Ramos
"Sergio Ramos has got a lot of experience and quality. He's in good shape physically and has to go to the World Cup for me. He's still one of the best centre backs in the world".