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Ricardo Gallego viajó a Manique para celebrar los 10 años del proyecto de la Fundación y Misiones Salesianas

Gallego attends the 10th anniversary of the Foundation's Salesian Missions project in Manique

NEWS STORY. 31/10/2022

Over half a thousand children and young people have benefited from this school.

The Real Madrid Foundation ambassador, Ricardo Gallego, travelled to Manique (Portugal) for the tenth anniversary of the Madrid club's Sportbosco socio-sports school. Through the alliance with Salesian Missions and the support of sponsors including Endesa and local companies, children in disadvantaged situations benefit from two weekly sessions of football or basketball with a focus on values.

The project integrates into the framework of a comprehensive social intervention for disadvantaged people. In these 10 years, the impact made on the beneficiary's immediate environment, especially on the families, and the development of a sense of belonging and improvement in school performance, is particularly noteworthy.
Gallego: "We have shared moments such as the Alma Cup and the training trips".
The event, which took place at the Salesian school in Manique, the headquarters of the socio-sports programme, was presided over by Anibal Mendonça, president of the Salesian Foundation; Manuel Mendes, director of the Salesian school; Álvaro Lago, youth ministry delegate, alongside the beneficiaries of the Sportbosco school and their families; Artur Gato, representative of Makro, a local partner; Francisco Kreye, head of Sport at the Cascais City Council; and Nuno Jorge, a member of the Alcabideche Municipal Council. Gallego stressed the school's strong commitment to the educational methodology and the initiatives proposed by the Real Madrid Foundation in its programme and said: "Over the years, we have shared many important moments together, such as the Alma Cup and the educational trips".
The Manique socio-sports project, which is aimed at children between 10 and 17 years of age from peripheral neighbourhoods, is complementary to the Real Madrid Foundation's extracurricular educational sports, providing nutritional support, healthcare and school support, among other basic services for underprivileged families and children who are at risk of dropping out of school.