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XXIX Foro Anual CEG. Álvaro Arbeloa

Real Madrid Foundation represented at 29th Annual Excellence in Management Forum

NEWS STORY. 20/10/2022

Arbeloa and Toni Nadal highlighted the importance of motivation.

Real Madrid and Real Madrid Foundation ambassador Álvaro Arbeloa and Toni Nadal, tennis and fitness coach, took part in the 29th Annual Excellence in Management Forum, which was entitled Creciendo ante la adversidad (Growing in the face of adversity). During the course of the event, which was named Fourteen titles growing in the face of adversity, the pair spoke about their experience in an effort to inspire attendees to allow them to improve their preparations for future life in the unstable and changing context that we currently face.
Real Madrid's 14 European Cup triumphs and Rafa Nadal's 14 Roland Garros provided the context for a debate that featured discussion of some matters regarding the psychology of sport that are transferrable to the world of business to achieve success. Arbeloa explained the key to success: "It's all about being demanding of yourself. That's a non-negotiable for any Real Madrid player and it's something you have to live with. You've got to have that, both to get here and then show it on a daily basis at a club like ours".

He also commented on the vital role that teamwork and camaraderie play: "I always tell my players that the strength of a spartan is in the warrior by his side. In any team, not only in football but also in work, I really believe in that. What really matters is the strength of the teammate you've got next to you and knowing that you have someone who pursues the same objective as you, who will give their all, and having that trust in your teammate and that things are going to work out alright is just so important".
For his part, Nadal drew particular attention to the significance of individual responsibility, self-esteem and responsible autonomy: "I never did anything on a tennis court that I wouldn't have done off it. Respect, feeling normal and putting effort in are all applicable, both on and off the court, it's all the same".

Foundation's excellence
The Real Madrid Foundation is a member of the Excellence in Management Club and has held the EFQM European Seal of Excellence +300 for the past two years.