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Ancelotti: “This is a very complete team and has more than one identity”

NEWS STORY. 07/10/2022. Bárbara Jiménez

"Beating Getafe is not easy, it's going to be tough for us, but we're confident we'll get the better of them", added the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in the press room at Real Madrid City prior to the LaLiga matchday eight fixture (9pm CEST). The coach gave his thoughts on the Getafe game: "The main focus is the same as always. We need to be at our best and prepare well, taking into account the problems we've had. We struggled a lot in this game last season. Getafe haven't had such a good start this season, but they're back playing with intensity and are well organised. It's never easy to win there, it's going to be tough for us, but we're confident we'll get the better of them".

"Benzema has played two 90-minutes in a row after a month out and today he's still tight, but he's not ruled out for tomorrow. If he's right, Karim will play. Some players find it a bit more difficult to recover. The defensive side is very important for this team, it was fundamental to our success last season and it could be this year. We have to stay focused on that. We've done quite well, but not as good as we need to do".

"We're going to see a Madrid side with more than one identity. In some games you need to press high to have control of the game and in others you need a low block to have an advantage. We're not going to see a Real Madrid with just one identity. We're going to see a Madrid that can play with the ball, that counter-attacks, that can defend with a low block or that can let the opposing team have possession. But I want a complete Madrid".

The collective performance is vitally important too. Recently, we've lost some duels and the team hasn't always been solid and that's what's needed to be successful defensively. It's not a general slacking off, it's just moments that happen. We've done very well in attack without Karim and that could lead us to think that the attacking side of the game is enough. But in modern football that's not the case".

Player assessment
"Knowing the player, he always wants to play. It's important that we evaluate this properly. If you play every three days, fatigue needs to be analysed. Players are not so honest when it comes to this. If he's tired he'll says he feels fine. Not being honest can lead to injuries. I prefer it when a player tells me that he's tired and that he prefers to rest. In my 30-year career only two players have ever told me not to play them. Pepe in a Champions League final and Seedorf in a league game".

Psychological factors
"The game against Getafe is difficult. They're a team that battles and are well organised at the back, they don't give you any space to move. The psychological side is important in football but it's the one I'm least worried about right now because this team has proven that it's strong in that area. We need to defend better and it's not just me who thinks that, it's the whole team. When we evaluate things together, they think we need to defend better".

"These things happen in football. Sometimes things don't work out well up front with the ball and it leaves us exposed defensively. We all have individual and collective qualities. We've got a very strong defence, both individually and collectively. The team has shown on many occasions that when they concentrate at the back, it's very difficult to score against them".
"His inflammation is getting better. We need to consider whether he'll travel to Warsaw. Taking the plane could create problems for him, but he'll be ready for the Clásico, that's for sure".
"He's been out with an injury that has stopped him a little bit, he s still the same Karim he's always been. We're not worried about him. He might be rested tomorrow so he can have a breather. But he's still doing what he's always done and he'll continue to do so".
Competition in defence
"Rüdiger knows he's a very important player for us. He's a world-class central defender, just like Militão, Alaba and Nacho, who is playing less than the others. Nacho has always performed when he's played. Given that they're world class, we're very strong with these four centre backs. Militão will be rested sometimes, sometimes Alaba and sometimes Rüdiger. Nacho has been rested more than the others, but he might play more in the future".
"Kroos is in very good shape physically and mentally. He always trains well and with a smile on his face. He never gets upset. He doesn't feel the pressure during games. It seems strange to me that if I ask him if he is nervous in a match, he says no. I don't think he is. The contract renewal is in his hand. If he wants to renew, everyone at Real Madrid will be happy".
"At the moment we've got Ceballos out injured, he'll be out for two or three weeks; Courtois has got some inflammation. The rest of the team is okay. Injury problems have to be taken into account when you've got a game every three days. We've managed this well, though".
"He's an intelligent person and very relaxed. He works hard and is a mature person, but he's still very young".