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The creation of the new Madridista community and

NEWS STORY. 27/09/2022

The new Madridista community has been launched today by Real Madrid C. F., a new initiative that will provide madridistas from all over the world with more opportunities to be closer to their club.

Any fan can join the community for free on the website and, through the new community, find other layers within that allow them to enjoy their passion in a deeper way.

A major benefit that all fans can enjoy from the get-go is the ability to download their own personalised digital ID card to their mobile phone, as well as single sign-on access to the entire Real Madrid online ecosystem. Supporters will find a personalised experience on, where they will also receive updates on the advantages they can enjoy at any given moment.

Madridista Premium
Fans who already have the existing Madridista card will also become a Madridista Premium, an exclusive space within the community with unique advantages and experiences. Premium status is also available to new Madridistas via, in addition to the Madridista points at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

The inception of the new Madridista community and, with this, the unique fan identity within Real Madrid's digital ecosystem, is one of a number of new projects based on a strong commitment to digitalisation, big data and artificial intelligence, launched with the aim of bringing all fans into a closer relationship with the club and with each other.

Video.The creation of the new Madridista community and