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Real Madrid-Barcelona

Chus Mateo: "We showed the heart that defines Real Madrid"

NEWS STORY. 25/09/2022

“it's the first title up for grabs and we've won it”, said the coach.

Real Madrid coach Chus Mateo was delighted with the victory over Barça in the final and winning the first trophy of the season: "It was a very good game for the fans. Not so much for the coaches because we had to go through a lot. The game was entertaining and could have gone either way right up to extra time. Barça were worthy finalists but we took the win".

"It's important to win the title. It doesn't mean we can relax, but it's the first title up for grabs and we've won it. It wasn't a great game, we made mistakes and errors that we'll be working on over the course of the year, but we showed the heart that defines Real Madrid. We came back when we were 12 down and I'm happy with that". 

"We weren't making the most of the rebounds that we got. It seemed that everything was a bit flat in the second quarter, we couldn't score and we went into the third quarter with a lot of hesitation, but our players' talent came to the fore. Llull hit three three-pointers. It's not a one-off, it's something we're used to".

The defence
"We got ourselves involved from there and thanks to the defence. Deck has been very good at defending against the small guys and we managed to come back and have a chance to take the game in regulation time. We continued to push even though we didn't hit the three-point shot. When we've got that hunger and want to win the title, it's difficult to stop us. Tavares was also outstanding defensively with 5 blocks. We displayed the heart that we always do on these occasions".

"I'm really pleased with the win and looking forward to start working hard to consolidate things that are not yet ready and to work together to play better. And the better we play, the better our chances of winning titles".