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Más de 22.500 menores vulnerables atendidos por la Fundación Real Madrid y sus partners en América

Real Madrid Foundation and its partners support over 22,500 vulnerable minors in America

NEWS STORY. 25/08/2022

One hundred and sixty-nine permanent socio-sporting and educational projects were run in 22 countries.

Last season, the 2021/22 campaign, saw America cement its status as the continent with the most Real Madrid Foundation projects and beneficiaries. Thanks to the 169 socio-sporting schools run across 22 countries, 22,517 vulnerable children and young people benefited from educational and social integration support.
A new milestone was hit in the 2021/22 season with the support of a number of NGOs, partners and educational organisations as participant numbers surpassed the 22,000 mark. As well as receiving an education in values with football and basketball acting as tools for social intervention, the projects cater for the participants' basic needs in the areas of training and/or health services and/or basic nutrition. In this respect, the partnerhsip agreement between Abbott and the Real Madrid Foundation in 12 countries to identify cases of malnutrition and provide education and nutritional support has played a pivotal role. Meanwhile, the partnership with TIGO enables beneficiaries and their families to receive training in digital skills, which serves to promote their socio-occupational integration.

Last season saw three new projects launched in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador in conjunction with Pequeños Pasos, in Buenos Aires; Religiosos Camilos, in Barranquilla with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank; and in Montecristi (Manabí, Ecuador) as a result of the link-up between Kontiki Expeditions and CAF Núñez. These new projects catered for over 500 minors living at risk and in vulnerable situations.