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Casemiro's tribute and leaving ceremony

NEWS STORY. 22/08/2022. Bárbara Jiménez

Real Madrid has been, is and always will be your home. We thank you for your help in making Real Madrid greater", said president Florentino Pérez, who gave him the Gold and Diamond badge.

Real Madrid City was the setting for the tribute and send-off for Casemiro, who says goodbye after winning 18 titles with Real Madrid, over the 336 official matches he played. Members of the board of directors gathered at the event, which started with a touching video showing images of the Brazilian and a speech from Florentino Pérez. The president, who awarded Casemiro with Real Madrid's Gold and Diamond Badge, said: "Today we pay tribute to one of our most important players in this wonderful era that Real Madrid is going through. It's time to thank you for what you have done for Real Madrid during this emotional farewell. You have been an example of commitment and values, giving everything you have until the end with the ultimate dedication".
"It's been almost 10 years since you joined the club and you have become one of our legends. We have experienced and shared some of the most exciting moments of our lives together. Everyone is very proud of your contribution to the history of Real Madrid's shirt and badge. You've given your all out on the pitch and you have fought in every game as if it were the last game of your life".
A role model for youngsters
"The youngsters who aspire to wear this jersey, like you did, look to you as a role model for hard work, effort, sacrifice and respect, but above all for your commitment to Real Madrid from the very first day".

Video.Thank you, Casemiro

"Beloved Casemiro, every day over the years you have set an example and have done so at the moment of your departure. Because of that and because of the generosity you've always demonstrated towards Real Madrid, you have earned the right to decide your own future and we have to respect that".
Real Madrid ambassador
"You've won it all here and today you will take away, as well as your impressive achievements, the appreciation and respect of all Real Madrid fans who will now remember you as a Real Madrid legend. You'll always be one of us and will always belong to this family. We have experienced a magnificent time together and we hope when you come back one day, we'll look back on this special time together. You are aware how much we love you and I would like you to know that Real Madrid has been, is and always will be your home. We thank you for your help in making Real Madrid greater".
Casemiro: "This club will carry on winning because that's its identity"
"I was very excited about coming and playing for this club. I joined Castilla and I was thrilled to learn about the values of this club and the youth system, which is the most beautiful thing for me. Thank you very much to the club, who shaped me as a person and a player, and for making me grow.  And a big thank you to the fans, who've shared magical nights here with me".
"This club will carry on winning because that's its identity. I'm sure that one day I'll come back here to repay the warmth you've shown me and to keep helping the club. All that I've learnt here has made me stronger in order to continue my career. Thank you very much, President. This club will continue to have a brilliant present and future with you at the helm, and will continue to win. Hala Madrid!
Gold and diamond badge
Members of the board of directors, coach Carlo Ancelotti and teammates such as Valverde and Odriozola were also present at the ceremony. President Florentino Pérez presented Casemiro with Real Madrid's Gold and Diamonds badge at an event which concluded with a group photo displaying the 18 trophies that the Brazilian has won during his time at the club.