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Real Madrid - Eintracht Frankfurt

Carvajal: “I've won the Super Cup four time and this is special, like them all”

NEWS STORY. 10/08/2022

“Winning and keeping a clean sheet is important; it always helps when we play well defensively”, said Courtois.

Dani Carvajal spoke to the media after Real Madrid's UEFA Super Cup win over Eintracht Frankfurt at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. The defender said: "I've won the Super Cup four time and this is special, like them all. We put in as strong performance. A start like this is pleasing and fills you with confidence for what's to come".
"The team is in very good shape and we've worked hard since we've got back to training, with the same principles we had last season of being serious and together. You could see that on the pitch today".

Mentality for this season
"When you're successful, it's difficult to do it again. We're going to fight for everything. Barcelona, Atlético and Sevilla will make life difficult in LaLiga. We have to approach the Champions League game by game. We've won one title and we're aiming for the next five".
Winning more silverware
"Hopefully I can win another trophy in this shirt. It's the greatest thing to belong to this club and I'm proud to be one of the captains".
Courtois: "Winning and keeping a clean sheet is important"
"I'm really happy. We played very well and although we made a few mistakes in defence, I was there to help the team. We also created chances to win by a bigger margin".

"Winning and keeping a clean sheet is important. It always helps when we play well defensively. We will always have a chance of winning when we defend well".

Valverde: "We're pleased to win another trophy"
"We kicked of the season on the right foot. We put in a great defensively and attacking performance. We're pleased to win another trophy. It's always to get started with a win. We need to keep working hard and training well because it's going to be a difficult year".

"I try to contribute to the team based on what the coach asks of me. I try to support Carvajal on the right. I really enjoy supporting my teammates".
"Casemiro is the man responsible for having that control in midfield. He's capable of winning the ball back and covering space when he's left on his own. He deserves to win the MVP and he saved us".