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La Fundación aumentó un 20% sus beneficiarios en España en la temporada 21/22

An increase of 20% in the number of people benefiting from the Foundation in Spain in the 21/22 season

NEWS STORY. 10/08/2022

Throughout the cuontry, more than 10,500 people benefit from socialsports projects.

The Real Madrid Foundation reached 10,666 people directly last season in Spain with 144 social sports projects for children and vulnerable groups. The 43 football and basketball schools that operate in Spain, along with the 24 adapted and inclusive schools aimed at people with different abilities, have helped more than 4,300 children and young people, with 777 children in basketball, adapted and inclusive basketball and 3,581 in social sports, adapted or inclusive football. Around a thousand more than in the previous season.

The programmes run in shelters and detention centres for juveniles reached more than a thousand participants, and more than 2,000 inmates were involved in schools in prisons. Active in 12 centres in Madrid and Alicante, the basketball programme in hospitals saw more than 1,000 hospitalised children enjoying the programme, with the activity increased this season to address the growing mental health problems in the wake of the pandemic.

The Foundation's activity in Spain in the fields of education, cooperation and social inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion, in partnership with specialist organisations and collaborating companies, is supplemented by programmes of physical activity for the over 65s, the homeless and the unemployed, aimed at addressing the needs of the adult population.