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La Fundación Real Madrid inaugura una nueva escuela en Australia con el colectivo de migrantes como foco

The Real Madrid Foundation opens new school in Australia

NEWS STORY. 05/08/2022

The project in Wollongong focuses on migrants and benefits a hundred young people of various nationalities, who learn about football and values.

Over the course of this season, the Real Madrid Foundation has expanded its presence in Australia with the opening of a second social sports school. The latest addition is located in the city of Wollongong, in south-eastern Australia. The project is run in collaboration with the New South Wales state Education department.
Benefitting one hundred young people, activities are carried out at the public Warrawong High School as part of a study support program for students with difficulties. The centre hosts students of 39 different nationalities. The school promotes the comprehensive development of its pupils, including instilling positive values and developing skills and healthy habits. 

Online and face-to-face training
The coach-educators in the new project took part in a series of online training days as an introduction to the Real Madrid Foundation methodology. There was also face-to-face training with a Foundation sports technician, who travelled to the country to deliver the session. Also involved in this training was the social sports school in Wellington, New South Wales, who have been local Foundation partners for over seven years. The session focused on the main aspects of the sport-education model and looked at techniques, teaching styles and other essential elements of the comprehensive teaching framework.