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Ancelotti: “There are six trophies to play for and we want to fight for all of them"

NEWS STORY. 04/08/2022

“Eintracht will make life difficult for us but my players are well prepared", the coach told UEFA's official media channels.

Carlo Ancelotti has given an interview to the official UEFA media channels. The Real Madrid coach discussed the first competitive game of the season against Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Super Cup: “I think the fact they are such a professional bunch means my players are prepared for this game. To be able to bring home another trophy in the opening game of the season... there are six titles to play for and we want to fight for all of them".

“I'm very proud. It was an extraordinary season for me on a personal level and for Real Madrid as well. So my return to this club has filled me with satisfaction. We're still thinking about La Decimocuarta, the memories are still fresh in our minds. We've created a special kind of chemistry with the fans too, at a very special stadium. All of the big comebacks we made came at our ground, and thanks to that extra boost that came from the stands. We managed to beat a lot of big teams, thanks largely to the unity of this group, besides their quality of course".

The factors that contribute to the team's success
“I think the key thing has been the humility and the experience of the veterans we've got here, along with the energy and enthusiasm of the younger guys. They're different generations but with a common goal - to play for Real Madrid. When you have players of that quality, who have had so much success but maintain that humility, it's easy to manage. The feeling of satisfaction you get when you win the Champions League doesn't leave you. You don't want anyone else to take your place and that's a huge motivation to try and keep winning".

“Rüdiger and Tchouameni both bring real quality. I think we've brought in two players who are among the best in the world in their positions. So they absolutely improve the team's quality, and physical and technical capabilities".

“It's a well deserved Super Cup final. The Eintracht achieved something extraordinary last season. They weren't among the favourites but they played some unbelievable games. They beat Barcelona in the Camp Nou playing on the counter attack with an impressive defence and real pace in the transition. They will certainly pose us problems. It was lovely to see Eintracht win the Europa League in the way they did”.