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Florentino Pérez: "We work to make the dreams of those who are passionate about Real Madrid come true"

NEWS STORY. 14/06/2022. Bárbara Jiménez

The president presided over the graduation ceremony for the last three cohorts of Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea students, for whom Isabel Díaz Ayuso acted as the godmother.

Florentino Pérez presided over the graduation ceremony held for the last three cohorts of students from the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea (the 14th, 15th and 16th cohorts) at Real Madrid City as 850 students graduated from the institution. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, served as the godmother of the three cohorts.

Also in attendance at the event were Elena Gazapo, dean of the Universidad Europea; Pedro López Jiménez, vice-president at Real Madrid and president of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea’s governing board; Otilia de la Fuente, director general of the Universidad Europea; and Emilio Butragueño, the director general of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea and Real Madrid’s director of institutional relations. 
Florentino Pérez: “We work to make the dreams of those who are passionate about Real Madrid come true"
“This will be, without doubt, one of the most emotional graduation ceremonies at our school since its foundation. Following these tough years during the pandemic, today, we're finally able to bring together the men and women who made up the last three university cohorts. Today, you receive recognition for your hard work and sacrifice, for your efforts and for your ability to outdo yourselves day in, day out. You are rewarded with a qualification that’ll make you feel proud of what you have achieved, but you also leave here with something that will be very significant in your lives: an emotional link to Real Madrid, the most significant club in the history of the game, for life.”

“This is the club with 24 European Cups, with the football team having won 14 and the basketball team having secured 10. However, far from settling with what we have achieved, we see those successes as representing the starting point for the next set of challenges. There is no place for complacency here. We will work hard to make the dreams of those who are passionate about Real Madrid come true and there is only one route to do that and that is through the tireless and constant search for further success.”
“During your time at this institution, you have learned the one thing that we value most dear in our club's 120-year history: our values.”

“These are the values that have enabled us to secure a place in the hearts of millions of people throughout all corners of the world who are united by the same sentiment that has been forged by effort and hard work and with a desire to constantly outdo themselves, team spirit, camaraderie, solidarity, humidity, grace and, above all, always giving our best.”
Thanks to Isabel Díaz Ayuso
“It’s is an honour for us to have the president of the Community here at this event, which represents the combination of hard work and the great efforts of these students. Dear Isabel, here today with you we have three different cohorts and all of them feature that spirit and energy that only Real Madrid is able to generate.”
Butragueño: “You've experienced something unique: the Real Madrid experience”
“Dear students, the values you choose will be the pillars that you will call on every day. I've had the chance to speak about this to many of you throughout the academic year, but today I want to really stress the point. During every day of your time at our school, you have had an experience that you will come to appreciate all the more more with the passing of time. You have developed as people here and have done so alongside your classmates and professors. I'm sure that you’ll have picked up some of the values that we have discussed from every one of them.”

 “You have experienced something unique: the Real Madrid experience, which is a way of understanding who we are and want to be in life. You have spent time alongside professionals who have a very clear objective: to work hard every day so that this institution is associated with excellence. From my experience, I can tell you that these training tools to tackle life will allow you to always achieve your objectives.”
Díaz Ayuso: “Real Madrid offers training in excellence because it represents excellence”
Real Madrid offers training in excellence because it represents excellence. That's why, in the space of just a few years, the Real Madrid Graduate School has become a benchmark, both nationally and internationally. I want to thank the students who are here graduating today and who chose to study in the Community of Madrid. Three out of every four students have come from outside of Spain and we hope that you stay here for the rest of your lives. Real Madrid is doubly excellent on account of its on-field success and its codes of conduct. Leadership is another of Real Madrid's values and one that this school teaches in its students. Life will now give you the opportunity to put those teachings into practice, go out and win and go all out to achieve your goals.”
Gazapo: “Real Madrid are role models in sporting management”
“I want to offer you my heartfelt congratulations. Real Madrid, with its more than 100 years of history, has offered us some sporting legends. It’s a club with over 200 trophies in its cabinet and which is sure to add to those in the very near future. Real Madrid are role models in sporting management. In the midst of the crisis caused by the pandemic and war, our university is adapting to those changes to consolidate a valuable educational project. I want to wish you all the best and stress that we’re all extremely proud of your achievements.”
Most highly valued programmes
“The award for the best programme went to the Master’s in Sports Law. Javier López Farré and Alberto Ruiz,  the programme directors, were on hand to collect the distinction. The award for the best student in the cohort went to Fátima Dia, who studied the Master’s in Sports Journalism and Communication and the Master’s in Sports Marketing.