Tribute act in honour of Marcelo

NEWS STORY. 13/06/2022. Bárbara Jiménez

“Real Madrid is and always will be your home. You should be very proud of everything you have accomplished at the best club in the world”, said Florentino Pérez, who presented him with the gold and diamond insignia.

Real Madrid City hosted the tribute ceremony in honour of Marcelo, a true club legend who leaves our club after lifting 25 trophies (a club record), making 546 appearances and scoring 38 goals. The ceremony began with the screening of an emotional video with images of the captain and followed with a few words from Florentino Pérez. The club president, who awarded Marcelo with Real Madrid's gold and diamond insignia, had the following to say: "Today is an emotional day for all madridistas. It is a time of profound gratitude. Here at Real Madrid, we want to pay a heartfelt tribute to our great captain. A homage to the young man who became a hero at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. A tribute to the player who has become one of our all-time legends. We are talking about the player who has won the most trophies in Real Madrid's history. Because this is Marcelo".

“We madridistas are indebted to you for dedicating your heart and soul to every game. For that Brazilian talent and quality that have made you a unique. player. For the way you are on the pitch and also in life. Your fantasy and your happiness were always crucial for the team in achieving all its great success”.
A captain's work
“You know perfectly well that apart from the trophies and the successes we have achieved, the values of Real Madrid, through which we have accomplished all that we are, are always present. These values were passed on to you when you first arrived as an 18-year-old lad. The same values that you have transmitted over the years and that you will continue to convey to ensure that this universal feeling of madridismo continues to grow".

Video.Thank you Marcelo

“I wish you all the best both for you and for all your loved ones. You know that Real Madrid is and always will be your home. This is the place where you experienced so many magical and unforgettable moments, the place where you developed as a player and as a person, and where your greatest dreams came true”.

Marcelo: “This is a day for joy, not sadness”
“I'd like to thank the club, my teammates, who I've been lucky enough to play with during all these years, the coaches I've had, the kitmen, who are like family to me, the people who work in the residence, the security staff, those who work behind the scenes and do the dirty work. We just play football, but for us to do it well and have clean clothes there is a lot of work behind it and I want to thank the best club in the world for allowing us to enjoy this. We do what we love and we 've got everything we need to be able to enjoy it. I've made history at the best club in the world and I want to thank everyone who forms part of it”.
“I'd also like to thank my wife, who's been by my side since I started my career as a footballer and has given me two beautiful children. We've built a family together and I am what I am today and have the strength I have today, probably because of you, Clarice”.
Following Raúl’s footsteps
“When I left Brazil I set my sights on playing for a big European team and I signed for Madrid at the age of 18. It's been a tremendous adventure. Inside I thought I could reach the top and today I walk out of here as the player with the most trophies in the history of the best club in the world. Raúl, who I call capi (captain), was so kind to me when I arrived. You taught me so much as captain and when my son was born, you gave us a basket full of things. I'll never forget that. I saw you as a captain and an example and I wanted to follow that. I can leave here grateful to you for that”.
“Today is a day for joy. We're in tears because we've got a lot of emotions and memories. I'm really happy, I'm leaving with my head held high. My family feels proud of me, I'm lucky. I've been lucky to have been supported by people who've been able to help me go so far. Thank you very much to everyone. This isn't a goodbye, I don't feel like I'm leaving Madrid. If one day I come back one and ask for a ticket and I can't (get one), you're going to have a problem. When I said at the Bernabéu that we can rest assured about the future of Madrid, it's because it's very promising, as it's always been, and I also include my son, who's in the youth team. This is a day for joy, not sadness. I arrived as a boy and I'm leaving as a man”.

Gold and diamond insignia
The event was also attended by members of the board of directors, manager Carlo Ancelotti and teammates like Carvajal and Asensio. Club president Florentino Pérez presented Marcelo with the Real Madrid gold and diamond insignia and the event was rounded off with a family photo of the 25 trophies that the Brazilian has lifted during his spell at the club.