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Emilio Butragueño y Borja Carabante renuevan la colaboración entre la EMT y la Fundación Real Madrid

EMT and the Real Madrid Foundation renew their cooperation agreement

NEWS STORY. 01/06/2022

Both organisations will be holding a mobile exhibition of historic football posters on the occasion of their anniversaries.

The Madrid City Council Delegate for the Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, together with Real Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueño, announced the renewal of the collaboration between the EMT and the Real Madrid Foundation. Both organisations said they will be holding a mobile exhibition featuring historic football posters on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the EMT and the Santiago Bernabéu to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Real Madrid Foundation, between September and November 2022.
Carabante and Butragueño travelled from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium to the EMT Museum for the presentation. They did so in one of the most iconic and recognised models of the municipal company's historic collection, the Pegaso 6035 articulated model. The vehicle from 1966, the year in which Real Madrid lifted their sixth European Cup, was specifically labelled with the number 27 sign to evoke how thousands of fans, in the 60s and 70s, travelled to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium every Sunday on this bus line.

The collaboration between EMT and the Foundation, which has existed since 2016, encompasses different facets regarding the promotion of social, sporting, inclusive and adapted projects in the city of Madrid, in addition to the dissemination of solidarity initiatives.

A landmark initiative of solidarity
Both institutions, which are strongly linked to the city' s history, have announced that they will be holding a historical and charitable exhibition. Starting in September, a dozen buses will be decorated with the image of historic Real Madrid posters. The initiative will redirect visitors to a website where they can purchase these images and the proceeds will be donated to a charity project in Madrid for disability and accessibility.

EMT, as a socially responsible company, is committed to the environment where it operates and is engaged in creating value for the community by promoting initiatives that provide solutions or collaborate in addressing current concerns.

As well as running socio-sports projects to support diversity, the Real Madrid Foundation also manages the Real Madrid Historical Heritage Centre. The centre receives, classifies, catalogues and digitalises objects and documents and ensures their transfer for publications, exhibitions and shows. More than 271,000 objects have been catalogued to date.