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Liverpool-Real Madrid

Benzema: “We showed everyone that we're here, alive and winning things"

NEWS STORY. 29/05/2022. Eduardo Olivera

“Real Madrid are as big as it gets. The players feel this jersey and this crest", added Modrić.

Real Madrid got the better of Liverpool, further adding to their legendary status worldwide by clinching their 14th European Cup. Benzema, one of the standout players on the night, assessed the clash: "We deserved the final we got today, it was a beautiful game. A tough clash, one of the most difficult in the Champions League because there is so much history with this team. In the end we showed everybody that we're here, alive and winning things".

“A final is always going to be hard, it's really tough work, so tiring. We're LaLiga champions and we came into the game on a good run of form. We scored the offside goal and that got us into the game. In the second half we played like we always do, to win in the final".
The Champions League in France
“It meant so much to win it with Madrid, the best club in the world and in France, my country. It's so important to me, alongside all the fans, the madridistas. I'm incredibly proud".
Ballon d'Or
“Let's see what happens. I hope I win it, but the most important thing is to enjoy the victory today".
Modrić: “Real Madrid are as big as it gets”
“We're still reflecting on what’s happened and what we've achieved and we just can't put it into words. This club is, without doubt, the best in the game. We always say that because Real Madrid are as big as it gets.”

“The players play for this shirt and crest and you've just got to look at what every game and every training session means to us. We all love this club and that's why we've achieved so much success and so many good results.”
Bidding for a sixth Champions League crown?
“We couldn't have imagined winning it five times and yet we've gone and done that. Let's hope that there are more to come in the future. Your character, never throwing in the towel and believing until the end, which is what we did today, are vital. We didn't perform well in the first half, but after the goal that we had ruled out, we started to get our game together. We’ve ultimately won the game and everything that I've just mentioned was key.”

Carvajal: “History has been on our side once again"
“Today was incredibly special for us. We were very professional, we delivered the result when we needed to and we were able to dig in well. It's amazing to win another European Cup, it's magical".
“To write your name into the history books as one of the players to have won the most Champions League titles is wonderful. At the start of the season, with a new coach, new signings, people's expectations weren't so high. We've made a real statement here and we've shown what this crest means".
Assessment of the final
“In the first half we didn't feel altogether comfortable. In the second, after the goal, the team knew we would have to dig in a bit but we were calmer on the ball as well. We found better outlets and on a personal level, I think it was a fairly complete performance, especially from a defensive perspective. We knew that if the bank of four plus Casemiro could contain their front men, we'd most likely be bringing home the trophy".
Courtois' performance
“He was unbelievable. He made 3 or 4 saves that have made us champions, that's all there is to it. Congratulations to him because he's been immense all year and he showed it once again".
Sense of calm
“You have to celebrate these things. When we arrive in Madrid we’ll do it properly. But we’re still a bit shellshocked, we still can’t believe it”.

Eight finals won
"As Klopp said, Madrid are used to winning and not losing finals. History has sided with us once again”.

Valverde: "The senior players have given us their full support"
“It was a tough match against a great team and we had to endure a lot, but we felt great joy. I've been to the toilet more times than I have ever been in my life. It was just incredible and the senior players gave us a lot of support, so we went in with a lot of confidence”.
Physical effort
“I was thinking a lot about the right back and I found it hard to find space to run forward. The most important thing is that we won and now I can enjoy this with my son and my family”.

“Now I’ll celebrate with my family. Love to my wife, my dad and a kiss to my son. I’m overjoyed”.