Toril y Misa

Toril: “We're capable of putting in a good performance against Barcelona”

NEWS STORY. 24/05/2022

“We'll be going all out and I hope it's a great game," added Misa.

Alberto Toril and Misa spoke to the media in a press conference on the eve of the Copa de la Reina semi-final meeting with Barcelona (Wednesday 9pm CET). The madridista coach previewed the game in the following terms: “We're going to focus on doing our job and doing things properly, whilst being aware that we're up against strong opposition. We’re capable of putting in a good performance.”

“Had they won the Champions League, we’d here saying that they're coming into the game feeling very happy and confident and that they've been out celebrating all the time. They lost the game and it looks as if it was a major setback, but they're a great side. They'll be capable of bouncing back and getting themselves up for this cup game.”
Misa: “The form we’re in is an important factor”
“I think that having lost the Champions League final will have been a massive setback for the Barcelona players, but they've now also got the chance to win another trophy. They'll be going all out, just like us. I hope that it's a great match. The sort of form that we're in, particularly in the league, is a very important factor. We're managing to a lot of win games by keeping clean sheets and that gives us great confidence.”