Rueda de prensa de Laso

Laso: “The team looks in good shape and I hope they give it their all"

NEWS STORY. 24/05/2022

“In a short playoff series, this first game is hugely important", explained the coach in the build-up to the clash with Manresa (9:00pm CEST).

Pablo Laso assessed the first game in the League playoff quarter-final series with Baxi Manresa at the WiZink Center (Wednesday, 9:00pm CEST): “We're starting out with the playoffs, it's a different situation against a team who beat us in Madrid and have very athletic players who are aggressive on the rebound and run a lot. We know it'll be a tough test for us and we understand that this is a very important game in a short playoff series. It's something we have to be aware of from the first minute if we're to get on the right track in a series that will be hotly contested from the off".

“I don't think Manresa will change things. I wouldn't, their success has come from being very clear about what they want to do and how to do it. They're a team who play with real energy and we know how hard it is to compete against them because they're capable of stringing together good spells in offense and defense and turn a game on its head very quickly. We'll have to be fully focused from the start if we don't want a repeat of what happened here last time".

Real Madrid's form
“I always expect the best from my team. It's been a difficult week with two very physically and mentally draining games and now we're playing inside 3 days again. This is different. We're starting the playoffs. I hope the team gives it their all. I think the team looks in good shape. Fitness-wise, they've all trained and are looking good. The mental side of things is more difficult when you lose a European final in the last minute. For us, this is the start of the playoffs and we know we have to be ready from the first minute".