Real Madrid-Anadolu Efes

Laso: “We failed to break away at any time"

NEWS STORY. 21/05/2022. Photographer: Víctor Carretero (Belgrade)

“We had four or five really clear shots that would have opened the game up", explained the coach following the final.

Pablo Laso assessed the final in the press room at Belgrade's Stark Arena: "We can't ask the guys for any more, they gave it everything they had. They're a tough side on a one-off game. Our plan was to go into the closing stages with a greater lead but they took it away and it just wasn't to be".

"We're talking about a final. There's little doubt we were dominant in many aspects, but there were ultimately details that hurt us. You're frustrated at this time and we have to congratulate Efes, who held on well. We had four or five really clear shots that would have opened the game up".

Key aspects
"The team has worked really hard to get to this game and they did so many things well. We failed to break away at any time, or have a sensation of increased offensive rhythm. In defense, on the rebound, moving the ball, we were very good but our shooting percentages didn't come with us".

Lack of accuracy
"You're left with the feeling that you were so close but you just couldn't quite do it. If they go in, everything is much easier. You have to score baskets and we didn't do it enough today. We had open shots, we were good from a defensive perspective and there's not much I would have changed in the final quarter. When you lose a game like today, I know I'm going to be going over and over it in my head, it's inevitable".