Real Madrid-Anadolu Efes

Abalde: "It's a tough moment but we have to fight to get back here"

NEWS STORY. 21/05/2022. Photographer: Víctor Carretero

"We're sad because we were very close to winning it", said Hanga.

Real Madrid were unable to take the Euroleague title after falling to defeat against Anadolu Efes and Alberto Abalde assessed the final: “To be honest it's a real blow. It's tough to talk about it right now but we struggled for accuracy. We played well for long spells in the game but the ball just wouldn't go in. My head is full of many of my shots and my teammates' attempts too. We have to congratulate Efes. They did a great job, they posted good points and ultimately resolved situations well. We have to get back up, life goes on. It's a tough moment but we have to fight to get back here”.
“When you fight that hard and have it so close… it's tough. Sometimes life hits you hard but you have to keep going, that's just sport. We easily could have won it and be celebrating right now. We have to get back up and carry on. We still have the ACB and we have to keep fighting because we'll be back in this position again and we'll win it".

“It's difficult to talk about what we have coming up now because we've just finished and we were so close. We'll have to mourn all together as we've always done in the tough times and then carry on".

Hanga: “We have another important competition”
“We're sad about the defeat. We were very close to winning it but we didn't have good shooting percentages, even with our open shots. It's tough but our work continues and we have another important competition. I think if the team plays as we have in this Final Four, with strength and intensity, then things will go right for us. We didn't think the game would turn out like that, it was a very tight result”.