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Hanga: “The EuroLeague is a really tough competition but this team has belief and character"

NEWS STORY. 17/05/2022

“We have to just focus on ourselves and approach it in the best possible shape”, explained the small forward.

Adam Hanga spoke to Realmadrid TV ahead of the Final Four in Belgrade: “One of our objectives was to reach the Final Four. It’d be a dream come true to lift the title. This is my third Final Four and I will help put in whatever way the team asks me to. It's a really tough competition. Everything comes down to a single game, but this team has the belief and character to prevail”. 

“I watch our football team’s matches and this team also shares a little bit of what they have, that when nobody believes that we can do it, we exceed the expectations. We've enjoyed ourselves this year. Prior of the playoffs, people weren't saying good things about us and we've overcome that as a team to deliver an incredible series against Maccabi.”

“In everyone's eyes, the fact that it’s El Clásico in a EuroLeague semi-final is incredible. If you're a basketball fan, these are the kind of games that you want to watch. We know just what a tough game it'll be, but I'm not thinking about the fact that it's against Barcelona because it could have been against anyone. We have to just focus on ourselves and approach it in the best possible shape, both physically and mentally.”
“I want to thank the fans for the support they have shown throughout the whole year. We're now in the Final Four and have to keep on fighting together. We've now got a month and a half to go and we have to be more united than ever as we bid to secure some silverware.”