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'Real Football & Study': entrenar y estudiar en Madrid de la mano del Real Madrid

Real Football & Study: train and study in Madrid with Real Madrid

NEWS STORY. 12/05/2022

The programme is part of an initiative run by the Real Madrid Foundation, the Real Madrid Graduate School-European University and Victory Sports Spain.

Real Football & Study is a programme that promotes academic study alongside advanced football training and is aimed at young people aged 16-25 from across the world who wish to embark on professional studies at a prestigious Spanish university, whilst also receiving coaching from the Real Madrid Foundation coaches.
The comprehensive programme offers accommodation, individual care at all times and assistance with visa applications, services offered by Victory Sports Spain, training sessions at Real Madrid City and specialist classes held at the European University campus in Madrid.
Tailored training sessions
The training sessions are led by coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation and involve a tailored team programme that is designed to fine-tune skills and showcase on-field talent.

The academic programme includes two modules from the Diploma in Sports Management, which represent 12 credits so as to allow students to continue their professional studies. The course also features three masterclasses in the fields of marketing, operations and sponsorship, which are delivered by Real Madrid executives.
Further information can be found here.