Firma con Cesal

The Foundation together with the NGO Cesal are celebrating 10 years of social and sporting collaboration

NEWS STORY. 06/05/2022

Over 2,000 children are benefiting from nine projects in seven countries throughout Africa and the Americas.

The Real Madrid Foundation and the NGO Cesal have extended their partnership aimed at developing social sports schools in Africa and America following over a decade of joint projects. The Foundation's executive vice-president Enrique Sánchez and Cesal's director of strategy and development David Bravo celebrated 10 years of collaboration and the extension of their partnership at an event which took place in the auditorium at Real Madrid City, with Real Madrid ambassador Alvaro Arbeloa also in attendance.
This partnership began in 2011 and is based on the development of nine social and sports projects in seven countries in Africa and America (Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru and Uganda), with 2,000 children at risk of social exclusion receiving support from these projects. This year, the NGO Cesal is also one of the Foundation's partner organisations involved in emergency work on the Ukrainian border and is therefore receiving part of the resources obtained from the All for Ukraine campaign in support of the Ukrainian people.
Arbeloa said: "Cesal is already very much part of our big family around the world thanks to having helped us implement so many social and sporting projects aimed at improving the lives of those who need us the most". David Bravo stated: "After so many years of productive work alongside the Real Madrid Foundation during which we have used sport as a tool to encourage development through education and socialisation to promote peaceful coexistence for those who need it most, we are delighted to be able to continue our joint commitment to work together towards a better world".
Integral projects
The work carried out to educate children in values though sport and contributing to development sees the Foundation's schools become all-round care projects in conjunction with the NGO Cesal, with the support of sponsors such as the Mapfre Foundation and Millicom-Tigo, as well as the efforts of local collaborators, who respond to each situation. These comprehensive care projects provide basic support for vulnerable children and young people, with the creation of safe leisure spaces when they're not at school, tutoring, professional guidance, nutritional support and/or health care, as well as other services.