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Once temporadas de colaboración de las Fundaciones Real Madrid y MAPFRE

Real Madrid Foundation and Mapfre Foundation renew partnership for 11th season

NEWS STORY. 27/01/2022

The agreement relates to projects in Brazil, the USA, El Salvador, the Philippines, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

For the 11th successive season, the Mapfre Foundation has renewed its partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation in the running of socio-sporting projects around the world. The link-up benefits over 1,900 minors at risk from exclusion who attend the Foundation’s socio-sporting schools in Brazil, the USA, El Salvador, the Philippines, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

These Real Madrid Foundation schools, which are run in conjunction with the Mapfre Foundation, are part of holistic care projects for children that are run alongside leading social and educational institutions in each country. The minors receive training in values through football and basketball, academic support, nutritional supplements and health assistance and psychosocial care in line with their needs.

The projects are run on the ground through Misiones Salesianas in Brazil and the Dominican Republic, the Webster and Lawrence school districts in Massachusetts (the USA), Cesal in Paraguay and Peru, the Amigos del Real Madrid Foundation in El Salvador and Panamá and the Anakk-Santa Cruz NGO in the Philippines.
Values-based education
The Real Madrid Foundation works to improve the quality of life of minors at risk from exclusion by using sport as a values-based education tool. It leads projects in 82 countries across the five continents and ensures that children all over the planet have access to sport, regardless of their circumstances and skills.
Mapfre Foundation
The Foundation has established itself as a leading global organisation thanks to its commitment to promoting well-being and social progress in the communities in which it has a presence. The aim of each of the projects it supports is to help improve the quality of life of the individuals involved and to achieve social progress by carring out programmes and activities.