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Yabusele: “I’m proud to be part of this team and I’m delighted to be able to continue”

INTERVIEW. 09/01/2022

“My objective is to win everything we can” said the French power forward.

Guerschon Yabusele spoke to the club’s official media representatives after signing a three-year contract extension. The French power forward, who joined Real Madrid in the summer and has been having a great campaign, was delighted to by staying at our club: “I’m enjoying myself at the club. I’m proud to be part of this team and I’m delighted to be able to continue”.

You’ve signed a three-year extension. What does playing for this club mean to you?

Renewing my contract means a lot to me and to my family. I’m enjoying myself in Madrid and at the club. It’s been really enjoyable here so far, so I’m really happy to be able to stay for another three years.

Why did you decide to renew your contract and what influenced your decision?

I feel really good here. Hearing how proud my family is of me after every game, and them seeing that I’m happy on the court means a lot to me. And of course, the changing room is full of great people, it’s an honour to be part of this team, I’m delighted to continue.

When you joined Real Madrid, what did you expect from your time with the team?

The only thing I wished for was to give my best in every game, to share and learn from this team, this great club and, obviously, from Pablo Laso. He’s a great coach and has a tremendous track record. I came here to become a better player and to learn.

How have Real Madrid and Pablo Laso helped you as a player on the court?

Being at Real Madrid has turned me into a more professional player every day, both on and off the court. I just wanted to get here, learn and train. I'm with the best players in the league, so just being part of this team helps me learn every day, that's what I try to do. When I'm on the court, Pablo just keeps telling me to play my game, to get comfortable and be confident in what I'm doing, not to feel any pressure. It's the best possible situation for me to do the best I can on the court.

You have been at this club for several months with your teammates. Is the squad strong enough to accomplish the set challenges?

My teammates are wonderful. I haven't had any problems with any of them. Anyone can say that we have a great harmony within the team. We spend time together to try to understand each other's game and we stick together until the end. Of course I think we have to aspire to everything, try to win every trophy. That's where we are.

How is life in Madrid for you since you moved here and what have you enjoyed the most?

My life in Madrid has been fantastic. I'm thrilled because my family is only two hours away by plane, so we spend a lot of time together. I love the city and the people. The restaurants are so amazing. I have loads of places I need to visit.

Have your French teammates helped you?

They help me every day with everything I need or whatever I don't understand on the court, they’re always there to help me. Particularly the three French teammates, who’ve been in Spain for a long time, and two of them in Madrid.

What is your main objective for the next three seasons and what do you aspire to achieve at Real Madrid?

My objective is simply to keep improving, to win everything we can, and to become better.

Would you like to send a message to the madridistas, who are going to love watching you play for three more seasons?

I just want to say, first of all, thanks for the support. Thank you for coming every game, giving us so much energy and supporting us. We’re going to do our best every time we step on the court.

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