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Las escuelas sociodeportivas de Bucarest celebran la Navidad

Social sports schools in Bucharest celebrate Christmas

NEWS STORY. 29/12/2021

The children who took part in the social programme run in collaboration with the FDP enjoyed their gifts.

The Real Madrid Foundation's social sports school partner in Bucharest (Romania), the FDP Protagonists in Education association, organised a Christmas campaign alongside the company Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, one of the programme's sponsors for the past two seasons. Thanks to this campaign, every volunteer from the company received a letter from Father Christmas and 210 gifts were collected for the children in the schools. Owing to the pandemic, the gifts were handed out by FDP staff in order to ensure health security measures were met.

Other institutions such as the Vodafone Foundation supported the Christmas campaign for the smaller children, who gave their letters to Father Christmas to ensure that their messages were delivered correctly and that they received the gifts they were looking for. Several local companies also joined in with the campaign for the older children, who voluntarily collaborated with the campaign.

Social sports schools
The social sports schools in Romania, which began in the 2012/13 season with the support of the UEFA Foundation for Children, continue to be carried out in collaboration with primary schools in two areas located in sectors 3 and 6, both of which have lower educational and socio-economic conditions than the average in the Romanian capital. As well as the two established sectors, two day-care centres in sector 2 of the city have started to run the project this year.

FDP-Protagonists in Education partnership
With the Foundation's local partner, the FDP-Protagonists in Education association, the children benefit from extracurricular reinforcement classes and leisure activities geared towards improving their performance at school and developing their social skills, as well as playing sports. This association provides psychological, family and social monitoring and evaluation of each child and holds orientation sessions for the children and their families.