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Formación telemática de fútbol y valores para los entrenadores de la escuela sociodeportiva de la Fundación en Miami

Online football and values training for Foundation's coaches in Miami

NEWS STORY. 27/12/2021

Fifty socially disadvantaged minors benefit from the project, which is run in conjunction with the International Studies Foundation.

The coaches at Real Madrid Foundation’s socio-sporting school in Miami, which is run in conjunction with the International Studies Foundation and the City of Miami, have taken part in the first online football and values training sessions to implement the tailored educational methodology involved in the project.

Over the course of two sessions, the coaches received an introduction to the philosophy and values taught by the Foundation in its weekly football and basketball training sessions that take place across the world. The coaches also learned the basic principles involved in the design of technical and tactical drills and values exercises in line with the Foundation’s methodology in the application of content via football.
The socio-sporting school in Miami is known in the US city as the Soccer at the Parks programme and is run at the Roberto Clemente Park. The project was launched in February 2021 by the International Studies Foundation, which has been a Real Madrid Foundation partner for over 10 years.

The aim is to offer a safe and healthy environment for young people with limited resources from the Miami area by offering a values-based education through sport. The scheme sees football become a tool that unites the community and promotes healthy lifestyle habits. The fact that the programme is held in the local neighbourhoods allows the participants to reduce their journeying and gives the parents the chance for their children to practise educational and values-based sport. The school currently caters for 50 participants (38 boys and 12 girls aged between five and 17 years old).