Rueda de prensa de Laso

Laso: “Real Madrid-Maccabi is a classic, a big game”

NEWS STORY. 01/12/2021

“If we work well on defence we'll have a chance to pick up another win", said Williams-Goss.

Pablo Laso and Williams-Goss gave their thoughts on Real Madrid-Maccabi in EuroLeague round 13 (Thursday, 8:45pm CET). The coach said: "We've had some great games in Madrid and Tel Aviv. It's a classic, a big game. The people in Israel see this as a big game, I feel it when I go there. It's a game against a team you have a lot of memories with. They're big games, with a lot of unforgettable experiences and I hope Real Madrid can get the win".
"This month isn't decisive, but it's important, just like it has been since the first game when you play for Real Madrid. It's a very demanding month because we're up against tricky opponents, with a tough schedule, travelling... but it's not decisive. It's also important to start getting players back into the team and up to speed, which is going well".
The team's condition
"Monday was the only day I've been able to train with everyone. Alocén has had a little problem with his foot and we've had to rest him for a few days. After having everyone, which was great, Carlos was out on Tuesday. These things happen and he's a strong guy and I hope that he'll be back in a fortnight. Taylor, Thompkins and Randolph have trained normally and the rest have been fine. It's been a good week of training and gives us different options going in to the upcoming games".

Thompkins and Randolph
"If you saw them training you'd think they're ready to play. They can come in at any time but it would be silly to think that they're at their best. They need time to recover. The recovery work that the medical staff and the physios are doing with them looks good. We're going to see when we can get them back involved with the rest, which could be any day. I'm not ruling them out for tomorrow either".
800th match as Real Madrid coach
"I knew it was 800 but I don't place too much importance on it. It's been a lot of games and I'm very happy but I'm not thinking about that number, i'm focussed on playing against Maccabi".
Rebounding and the opponent's strong areas
"The inside game is important for us. We're doing a very well on the rebound. It's not just the big guys. There's a feeling that the smaller guys are involved in rebounding too. Maccabi are a team that makes things uncomfortable. There's no other team like them in the league or in the Euroleague. They're different. They're based on three solid pillars: Wilbekin, Nunnally and Zizic. They're having a great season".

Williams-Goss: "It'll be important to keep losses to a minimum"
"It's a Euroleague classic against Maccabi, a team that's playing very well, with a lot of aggression in both attack and defence with very talented players in every position. It'll be very important to keep losses to a minimum. We have to move the ball in the best possible way to score more points and also to prevent Maccabi from being able to run and counter-attack. I think rebounding will also be key in this regard. If we work well on defence we will have a chance to pick up another win".