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Ancelotti: “The aim is to win, close out the group stage and progress”

NEWS STORY. 23/11/2021

"My dressing room is full of quality, personality and harmony", explained the coach.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in his pre-match press conference ahead of the meeting with Sheriff Tiraspol (9pm CET) and the coach previewed the match in the following terms: “In the reverse fixture we didn't have a good time of things as they beat us at the Bernabéu. We have to try and avoid the mistakes we made in that game and try and reproduce the things that we're currently doing well. We mustn't rush things, and play with real confidence and peace of mind and perform well for the whole 90 minutes. We know each other well, we know all about Sheriff and they know us inside out and I think we'll have to put in a strong all-round performance. Is it a decisive game? If we win it is, yes. Our aim is to win, close out the group stage and progress”.

“Squad rotation is important as a means to keep the players fresh and keep everyone motivated. We've also got to bear in mind the form that you’re in. We're now on a very good run and we haven't changed things all that much in recent games. Militão and Rodrygo are able to return for this game and they're fresh, but I don't intend on rotating the squad for tomorrow's game”.

Is being the coach of Real Madrid a difficult task?
“It's not difficult. A coach’s role is difficult. If you're in a race it's better to have a Ferrari than a 500. That's a little bit about how I feel about coaching Real Madrid. All coaches are under pressure and managers are sacked every week. It's part and parcel of our job, just like the responsibility and excitement that comes with coaching the best team in the world”.

Dressing room
“My dressing room is full of quality, personality and harmony. I think that the players feel comfortable around each other. There's a lot of youth and enthusiasm within the group. I enjoy coaching them and up until now I haven't had any sort of problem”.

Vini Jr.
“Given the way he plays, I think that he’s the most dangerous player at the moment in world football. Because there aren’t many players out there who do what he does at this point in time. That's my opinion. He has to improve because one-on-one situations are important in football, but aren’t the most important thing. He has the ability to improve and not be satisfied with how he's performing. He has to learn and I think that he'll do that, because he’s level-headed and he hasn't got the attitude of somebody who thinks that he's already won it all. He has the head of a young person who believes that he has to improve.”

Video.Ancelotti: El objetivo es ganar, cerrar el grupo y seguir adelante

“Anyone who plays football has to adapt to everything. This is an important game for us because one of the few games that we've lost this season was against Sheriff, who surprised us, and we would like to quickly get our revenge on them and try and perform better”.

“There are obviously many good goalkeepers in Europe  and others have been selected for this award, so what can we do about it? For us he's a goalkeeper we wouldn't swap with anyone because we have real trust in him and I don't think that he would swap this club for any other. This is a marriage that's in good shape. He hasn't won an award, but for him I think that it's more important to win a LaLiga title or the Champions League than an individual prize. That's better for us, that's what we think about it”.

“There's no need for me to speak with Isco because first of all, I have have a lot of affection for him and secondly l don't think that it's an issue if I ask him to warm up a little bit and he tells me that he's already warm, that's the end of it. He was ready to come on and he came on and there's no need to make a whole issue out of it. There's no reason for me to speak with Isco because he’s a top professional. He's annoyed because he's not playing. I'm sorry about that, but he has never shown me a lack of respect and I've never shown him a lack of respect. Our relationship is not just a professional one. We've spent a lot of time together and we have the utmost respect for each other”.

“It's a long trip and a four-hour journey, but that's to be expected. We haven't had any issues here, we've got a good hotel and the pitch is in perfect condition, so there's no problem at all. The journey was a bit long, but there's nothing we can do about that. As for everything else, outr arrival at the airport and the hotel went smoothly. The stadium surprised me because it's new stadium and the conditions are optimal”.

Roberto Carlos
"I get on really well with him. He's a club ambassador and had a great career here. Everyone thinks very fondly of him, but he's not going to play tomorrow".