La Fundación Real Madrid participó en la Semana Internacional del Compliance 2021

The Real Madrid Foundation participated in the 2021 International Compliance Week

NEWS STORY. 18/11/2021

The Foundation strives for maximum compliance with transparency and sound governance regulations, standards and recommendations.

Rafael Tormo, head of Management Control and Compliance Officer at the Real Madrid Foundation, participated in the round table session on Compliance in Sport at the 2021 International Compliance Week. Other round tables on ESG, international compliance and trends in compliance were also held.
The Real Madrid Foundation maintains a code of ethics and sound governance that includes the principles and specific regulations in this context and integrates the Code of Ethics of Real Madrid Football Club. The Real Madrid Foundation established a Penal Risk Management System (Compliance) whose surveillance, effectiveness, monitoring and updating is entrusted to the Foundation's Compliance Committee, which works every season to guarantee its correct application and compliance.
Committed to society
The Real Madrid Foundation strives for maximum compliance with the regulations, standards and recommendations of transparency and sound governance, established by Law 19/2013 on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Sound Governance. The Foundation's website is the primary instrument of the transparency policy through its Transparency Portal and it submits its accounts on an annual basis to an external financial auditor, which demonstrates a true and fair view of the assets and financial situation of the Real Madrid Foundation.
Through these strategies and compliance with Royal Decrees 6/2019 on Equal Treatment and Opportunities, progress has been made in meeting the sustainable development objectives. Furthermore, the implementation of these Royal Decrees is also aligned with the commitment to support the ten principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human and labour rights, environment and anti-corruption.