Entrenadores de Mozambique, Angola y Portugal participaron en el 'Foundation Match'

Coaches from Mozambique, Angola and Portugal took part in the 'Foundation Match'

NEWS STORY. 08/11/2021

Nine coaches from five social sporting schools participated in this training workshop.

Nine coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation's social sporting schools in Mozambique, Angola and Portugal took part in the Foundation Match online training workshop. The format is a meeting point to share knowledge, experiences and visions, with the objective of supporting and facilitating the work in the training sessions.

The experience was aimed at Portuguese-speaking educators involved in the social sporting schools carried out in collaboration with the Salesian Missions in Lisbon; Alma Branca in Guimarães; Crusade for Children in Gorongoza; Cesal in Maputo; and Manos Unidas in Luena. The main focus of this educational activity was on reflection and debate.

Teaching through play
This experience also serves to create bonds and friendship between the coaches, who had the opportunity to discuss the importance of using games as a tool for learning, and to bring together ideas on how games facilitate the teaching of sport and values in a fun and motivating way that prevents the exclusion of pupils. The participants were also able to share their strategies and training methodologies aimed at keeping students constantly on the move and practising, ensuring a variety of experiences.