Elche - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “Vini Jr. deserves my trust because he's playing really well and scoring goals”

NEWS STORY. 30/10/2021

“After two and a half days between games you can't play with the same intensity and energy”, said the coach.

Real Madrid claimed victory against Elche at the Martínez Valero stadium and Carlo Ancelotti analysed the game in the press conference: "It was a very practical approach indeed. We have to think that after two and a half days between games you can't play with the same intensity and energy, then you have to play with a compact block and look for opportunities when they come. We aren’t in optimal physical condition after resting for only two and a half days. This isn’t just a problem for Real Madrid, it's a problem for all teams. You can't play at your highest level after two and a half days. This is what happened and I think we suffered because of it in the match".
"We were in control of the match, but anything can happen in the end. We didn't handle it well in the closing stages because the match isn't over just because you're 2-0 up with an extra man. You can't think it's over because the referee hasn't blown the final whistle. We made things difficult for ourselves, but fortunately we picked up three more points”.
Vini Jr.
"I didn't do anything. Just put him in and put my trust in him which he obviously deserves because he's playing really well and scoring goals. As I have said many times, I’m not a magician, I try to do my best and place the utmost confidence in all the players. The fact that he wasn’t called up for Brazil comes down to the decision made by a friend of mine, who is the coach, so I have nothing to say".
"He’s playing with confidence right now and everything is coming off for him. He’s getting used to playing further inside because he’s got the pace to do it. It’s one thing to take players on out wide and another to do it in the centre of the box. He’s learning gradually and he’s doing a great job”.

“This is exactly what a player needs to do. If he’s not playing, he needs to be patient, he got his chance today and did a brilliant job. I hope he keeps it going. It’s not a case of a change of role, the role is pretty clear, we have Karim and then we have forwards like Jović and Mariano who can step in when Karim is unavailable”.
Jović and Mariano
Jović had some knee problems in the last game he played and although he’s been training, he isn’t absolutely comfortable. That’s why he wasn’t involved today. He was on the bench, but it’s due to his knee issues, he’s still not fully recovered. It’s a sprain and he hasn’t shaken it off so that’s why Mariano played and I thought he did a brilliant job. He showed great commitment, made a lovely assist for the first goal, he was decisive on three or four occasions. It was a good performance”.
Change of full-backs
“Substituting the full-backs was a purely physical decision. Both of them, especially Marcelo, in what was his first game back, did a brilliant job, showed really quality and got forward well while showing their commitment defensively too. It was just a fitness thing. I wanted to bring on some fresh legs”.