Rueda de prensa de Laso

Laso: "The Gran Canaria game is going to be very tough"

NEWS STORY. 23/10/2021

"They are well covered in every position, we'll have to put on a good display to win it" added the coach.

Pablo Laso spoke in the build-up to Real Madrid's clash with Gran Canaria this Sunday on Endesa League matchday seven (12:30pm CEST): "They're a team who plays practically from memory, have loads of point-scorers and real athleticism. We know it's going to be a very demanding game. We have to be prepared to face a team who, as one of my squad said, has a better roster than some Euroleague sides. They are well covered in every position, with strong shooters from the outside and we'll have to deliver a good display if we want to win it". “Next week is going to be very demanding, we're on the road a lot. This is our last match at the Palacio before three in a row away from home and I'd like the team to give a good account of ourselves. Coming through the Fenerbahçe game was physically and mentally exhausting, we knew it'd be difficult and this one will be the same". Alocen “Since last year he has adapted very well and we're seeing his growth has been fantastic. He is always ready and we know what he's capable of. I just want the team to work, our efforts as a team is all I'm focused on. In that sense, we really value what Carlos gives us in terms of pace, defense, mobility… he's having a great season, he's a solid player”. Injuries “Tavares has trained well and he'll be available. Williams-Goss will be unable to train for couple of weeks and then we'll see how he's recovering. It would be unrealistic to think that he'll be able to play inside the next three weeks with the injury he has. We've still got Llull out with his shoulder problem, which is gradually improving, and Thompkins and Randolph are still out. Randolph is returning to training, but it's still a bit soon for him.