Freno Al Ictus

Real Madrid Foundation signs collaboration agreement with Fundación Freno al Ictus

NEWS STORY. 21/10/2021

The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and early detection of the illness, as well as promoting sporting activity and healthy lifestyle habits.

The Real Madrid Foundation and the Fundación Freno al Ictus have joined forces to develop and promote projects aimed at improving knowledge of strokes, as well as prevention and reducing the impact it has on our society. Enrique Sánchez, executive vice-president at the Foundation; and Julio Agredano, president of Freno al Ictus; put pen to paper on the agreement in the lecture hall at Real Madrid City in a ceremony that was also attended by Álvaro Arbeloa.

Both organisations believe that raising awareness amongst the population represents a key component of the battle against strokes, as well as increasing the visibility surrounding the existence and social aspect of this cerebrovascular illness that affects over 120,000 people every year in Spain, of which 12,000 cases occur within the Community of Madrid. This illness is the primary cause of death amongst women and the second overall, whilst it is also the primary cause of disability amongst the adult population.

The main aim of the link-up is to raise awareness regarding the importance of prevention and early detection of strokes, as well as promoting weekly sporting activity and healthy lifestyle habits. In terms of specific initiatives, an informative project will be delivered to the beneficiaries of the Real Madrid Foundation’s programmes to provide information about the illness and training about its prevention, detection and response. Meanwhile, a specific training course will be held for coordinators and coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation’s socio-sporting schools.


During the event, Real Madrid ambassador, Arbeloa, noted that: “Prevention is key to safeguarding our health and education on healthy lifestyle habits is one of the main values taught by the Real Madrid Foundation”.

For his part, the president of the Fundación Freno al Ictus explained: “There’s no question that the agreement we’re signing today with the Real Madrid Foundation will have a effect across several layers of our society. Informing the population that 90% of stokes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle or of the importance of detecting the symptoms at an early stage will enable us to reduce the impact of strokes in our society, saving lives and avoid dependence”.

The Real Madrid Foundation promotes weekly sporting activity as an important means to promote education, social integration and to encourage positive sporting values, such as respect, camaraderie and solidarity. The organisation has run over 650 socio-sporting projects and programmes in 80 countries since 1997 that cater for over 62,000 participants each season.

The Fundación Freno al Ictus believes that informing and training society is essential to prevent the illness, avoid risk facts and promote early prevention. A swift response can help to improve the prognosis. According to the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) over 50% of stroke victims are left with scars or die, 35% of strokes affect victims of working age and the mortality rate is five times greater than in the case of breast cancer or a severe disability. The good news is that 90% of cases could be avoided through early detection, suitable prevention of the risk factors and a healthy lifestyle.