Real Madrid - Fenerbahçe

Laso: “I’m most pleased about the heart shown by the team and the fans were magnificent”

NEWS STORY. 21/10/2021

“I tried to get in as much as possible and it worked out well”, said Alocén after the win against Fenerbahçe.

Pablo Laso and Carlos Alocén analysed Real Madrid’s victory against Fenerbahçe in round five of the EuroLeague. After the game the coach said: “First of all, congratulations to the team for the win. It was a hard-fought victory. We knew it was going to be difficult because Fenerbahçe is a very physical and experienced team. We had some players out, and had last-minute absences, even during the game. Our hard work in the first half, even though we didn’t play well, was what kept us in the game. The fouls by Poirier meant we had to rotate the team, play in a different way. We lacked rhythm in attack, had too many turnovers and they punished us by running the floor. We improved all that in the second half. We were better in attack, with a little more rhythm, and had a good defensive level throughout the match”.
“I’m delighted with the victory, especially on a day that got more and more complicated. We managed to stay calm in the final minutes, choose the best options and get a win in a game that looked complicated against a talented team in Fenerbahce".
Praise for the team and the fans
“I’m most pleased about the heart shown by the team. There were moments when we could have perfectly given up. We had a few out, they were playing well at 6, 7 and 8 points ahead and we were having trouble getting into the game. But everyone chipped in and we grew in confidence. The fans were magnificent and I'm looking forward to seeing the Palacio fill up again to enjoy a game like this one. The crowd is our sixth man. The people don't stop believing and have supported the team at all times. It’s really important”.

Williams-Goss has to undergo tests, but he may have a problem in one of his fingers. We’ll have to wait and see. He couldn’t come back on and we’ll have to assess the situation. This along with Llull and Tavares, as you know, with all that I had quite a messy pre-game. I hope everything goes fine and that he becomes a dad soon and that we have a new member of the family”.

Alocén: “These games are the ones that really count”
“We didn't play our best game, but it worked out well in the end. I'm pleased with how united we were as a team. These games are the ones that really count. People have supported us all the time. These are matches that we also have to win. It was really tough”.

Individual performance
"You have to stay in it. In the first three quarters the game was not fluid but we hung in there and in the last quarter we were more united. Regarding myself, I tried to lead the team with intensity and grit. I'm pleased with the role I played and the way I helped the team achieve the victory. I tried to get in as much as possible and it worked out well. I'm looking forward to playing every game for as long as I can. I'm young and that's great. I try to learn every day and make the most of the opportunity”.