Real Madrid - Panathinaikos

Laso: “The team was solid and very consistent”

NEWS STORY. 15/10/2021

“We controlled the pace and didn't let them get into the game at any time”, said Abalde after the win against Panathinaikos.

Pablo Laso and Alberto Abalde analysed Real Madrid‘s win over Panathinaikos in the fourth round of EuroLeague fixtures. In the press room at the WiZink Center, the coach said: “Congratulations to the team for the victory. It’s our fourth game, and on Sunday it’ll be the fifth we play in 10 days, with trips, against tough opponents, physically demanding teams, but I think that the team has been very solid. This is one of those days in which the coach feels very happy because it wasn’t brilliant, but everyone worked steadily and that explains the final difference in the end”.
“We had a very good start, a little bit like in the previous game. In the second quarter, we missed some easy shots, we didn’t run so much but we were very solid defensively. We went into the final part a bit fresher and we sealed the game in the final quarter against a very physical team that competes very well and we knew it would be difficult. We have to move on and think about Sunday’s game, which will be tough away to Breogán, but I’m pleased with these two wins in the EuroLeague this week”.
Pleased with the team effort
“I'm not a person who highlights players in particular, but today, Abalde's work was really good. He played a great offensive game but he was the player who really set the tone defensively from the start. Many players were at a very good level defensively and that gives you a sense of security and defensive solidity, which is essential if you don't want to depend on whether you can score or not. I'm very pleased with everyone's work today”.

“The competition and the fixture calendar are very demanding. We play almost 80 games and do so at a very high level of demand, so it’s important for everyone to be prepared. Overall, what stands out is the work of the team and that is what is important”.
“He’s a very complete player. We’ve been following him for a long time and he’s fitted in really quickly. I think the squad has also done a very good job in integrating him into the team early on. He’s a physically very strong player and he gives us a lot of things. He always brings us a sense of solidity in the game that’s important”.
Abalde: “The team was solid for 40 minutes”
“We started the game really well. In the first half we were very solid in defence and in the second half we corrected things from the previous game so that they didn't get back into it. We were solid, controlled the pace and didn't let them get into the game at any time. All the games are tough and teams are hanging on. With so many games there are moments when play is inconsistent, but overall the team was pretty solid for the 40 minutes”.
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Praise for the team
“When you play and things go well for you, you obviously feel good and now with the crowd it's better. I have a great time on the court but the important thing is that we are a very big squad, there are many players who are coming in and we need everyone. The fixture calendar is crazy. Some days it's one thing and some days it's another, one day you get to play a more leading role and on another day it's a lesser role. Every day you have to do certain things and that's what's important. Big, successful teams need a lot of players. There are moments for everyone. The season’s very long and we have to be prepared, with this mentality”.