Jornadas de formación online en baloncesto para entrenadores de Lawrence, EE. UU.

First online basketball training session for Lawrence coaches

NEWS | 07/10/2021

The sessions are run in conjunciton with the Fundación Mapfre as a part of the Enlace programme that is aimed at immigrant students based in the US city.
The sports coaches at the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting school in Lawrence in the US city of Massachusetts have taken part in the first online basketball training sessions for coaches.

The project, which is run with the support of the Fundación Mapfre, caters for some 50 participants in the Enlace  (Engaging Newcomers in Language and Content Education) programme, which is an academy within Lawrence Public High Schools that caters for recent arrivals who have been in the United States for less than two years and who are beginning to learn English. The initiative helps the students to make the transition into a traditional high school environment.

Training through basketball
These training sessions focus on bringing together ideas about how to teach values and basketball tactics and technique simultaneously in a fun and educational way so as to provide the coaches with tools, ideas and resources for the training sessions that will get underway this month. This socio-sporting school was launched in 2019 and the majority of students are Spanish speakers.

The programme seeks to ensure that the students receive academic and linguistic foundations and the socio-emotional supports to allow them to pursue their studies at university level or follow their chosen career path. The project aims for the students to show pride and determination in developing their multilingual and multi-cultural identity.