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Abalde: “There's work ahead of us, but we're capable of achieving something special"

NEWS | 05/10/2021

"We're really pleased to have made a good start to the year, with good energy and having secured a trophy", declared the forward.
Alberto Abalde sat down for an interview with Real Madrid Conecta as he reflected on the team’s start to the season and the forward had the following to say: “We're doing really well, we're working hard and I'm really pleased to be back. I had a minor muscle problem but I’m now firing on all cylinders with the team. We made a good start to the season and there's a lot of work ahead of us as we look to improve over the course of the season”.

“We've got off to a good start. I'm pleased with how the team is progressing, we’re solid and that’s the case even on the days when we've not played as brilliantly. We produced a very good performance against Efe,  but there are other days when we haven't done so well but still managed to get the win as a team. There's lots of room for improvement and we have to adapt to different situations, but we're doing very well”.

“We want our defense to be a strength so that it gives us the peace of mind and foundation to be more relaxed in attack and play with greater fluidity. You could say that's been one of the keys to our good start to the ACB season”.

“That was a key day. We were raring to get our Euro league campaign up and running. We faced Efes many times last season and we're looking to get our own back after the playoff, they are the champions and we were delighted that the fans got to watch another Euroleague game. What with the restrictions, let's see if gradually more and more fans get the chance to come along. We're pleased that our fans are backing us”.

“They've settled in perfectly, they're really helping us and on a personal level, they’ve adapted brilliantly because they're really good guys. We're all settled in now. I'm excited by this team. We’re a really good group and have some very good players and I think that there is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are capable of achieving something special”.


“We're really pleased to have made a good start to the year, with good energy and having secured a trophy. The final was a special game in which we staged a comeback. It also represented the return of fans to an event like the Super Cup. It's an extremely long season, but winning the first piece of silverware was a perfect way to start it”.

“Last year was really difficult for everybody. It wasn’t nice to see the arenas and stadiums empty, it was tough and the fans are an important part of all of this. There's no point to any of this without the fans. Now the atmosphere is different and there’s more motivation and tension and we’re going to all really enjoy the season”.

How he’s feeling
“I’m well and am really happy. I’m feeling strong in terms of my fitness. I'm well and have forgotten about the muscular injury and am keen to help the team. I was keen to get back and work every day to improve and help the team more”.

“It's a really tough court and a long trip. It’s a team that always ups its game in front of the fans. It’s a team against whom you can never be comfortable with a lead because they always hit back. We’re preparing for the game now and we've got a pretty intense month or so”.