Laso: “All the hard work over the two days has been impressive”

"The team displayed character, energy and no one stopped believing that we could win", said the coach after winning the final.
Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso was delighted after winning the Spanish Super Cup: "All the hard work over the two days has been impressive. This Super Cup has come up at a difficult time, due to the timing, the summer we've had, we were very thin on the ground, but the team has shown energy, a conviction to be winners".

"Nobody stopped believing when we were 19 points down and the team showed their character. You look for players, who work hard for the good of the team. Llull was the MVP. He didn't play much yesterday but we're not going to find a player like him now. I'm very happy with the win and the work the guys put in".

Praise for the players
"During the year we've had to manage a lot of situations that are out of our control. In terms of minutes, rotations, preparing the games, fast pick&roll situations and we knew that we were going to need everyone. We lost Abalde at the start of the week, Randolph and Thompkins were out and Rudy went down yesterday. All the players have been working out how to be positive for the team and that's why I'm very happy because I appreciate everyone. I'm very happy and very proud of the guys. When I have players like these, my job looks good. I can't say much more.