Los clinics de la Fundación conquistan las Antillas holandesas

Foundation clinics reach the Dutch Antilles

NEWS | 06/09/2021

More than 220 children took part in collaboration with Noord FC in Saint Martin, Sint Maarten and Aruba.
Three weeks of Real Madrid Foundation clinics took place in the Dutch Antilles islands of Aruba, Saint Martin and Sint Maarten, with over 220 boys and girls taking part. Thanks to the collaboration of organisations such as Banco di Caribe, Digicel, Coca Cola - CC1 Sint Maarten, Magical Sint Maarten and Collectivité de Saint Martin, more than 60% of the participants received scholarships for the experience. 
These three clinics were held between the second half of July and the end of August in collaboration with the promoter Noord FC, who the Foundation has already worked with in Aruba and other locations on previous occasions. This summer, the success of the clinics as a learning model combining the technical improvement of football with values development has been demonstrated in a number of experiences all over the world.
The Foundation's clinics in tourist destinations aim to bring the experience of sports improvement to children who regularly play football and who want to take advantage of their holidays in order to develop their technical and tactical skills.