Más de medio millar de beneficiarios con diferentes capacidades disfrutan del deporte con la Fundación Real Madrid

Over half a thousand participants with various capacities enjoy sport with Foundation

NEWS | 24/08/2021

The athletes who are taking part in the Tokyo Paralympic Games offer everyone a fine example of self-improvement.
The Paralympic Games represent the sporting pinnacle for athletes with different capacities. The Real Madrid Foundation, with its 12 adapted basketball schools, four inclusive football schools, one inclusive basketball school, three wheelchair basketball schools, two adapted football schools and inclusive and adapted campuses, boasts over 400 players across Spain with a range of capacities.
The Foundation runs a further three adapted and inclusive sport projects in Cambodia (in conjunction with Sauce), Morocco (in Tetuán with Manos Unidas and the Asociación Hanan) and Colombia (in Cartagena de Indias in partnership with the Fundación Revel y Fides) and represents a pioneer in catering for diversity through sport on the international scene as it promotes the holistic development of 250 participants with a range of capacities.

Sports projects to promote integration
A total of 617 participants benefit from the Real Madid Foundation’s adapted and inclusive sports education programme across four countries as they learn and enjoy access to sport without any barriers. Following almost 20 years of experience in sports programmes that promote integration and the publication of the Manual Fútbol y Valorcesto inclusivos in 2019, the Foundation has become a world leader in educational sport for all. A member of the Sanitas Foundation’s Alianza por el Deporte Inclusivo (Association of Inclusive Sport) since its inception, catering for diversity is an area of particular importance for the Foundation, which believes that sport should be a tool for integration and social cohesion.

The Foundation has run a further three adapted and inclusive sport projects in Cambodia, Morocco and Colombia.

In all instances, the Foundation seeks for players with a range of capacities (Down’s syndrome, general developmental disorders and other illnesses) to gradually achieve social integration through sport and acquire values and skills that aid their independence and self-esteem.
Effort and self-improvement
The Paralympic Games, which take place every four years, represent a fine opportunity to witness the result of role that motivation plays in terms of effort and self-improvement. Of particular note in the Tokyo Paralympics is the involvement of Deliber Rodríguez, an athlete with an intellectual disability from the Fundación A la Pa, which partners with the Real Madrid Foundation in its adapted and inclusive schools and with which also participates in other social outreach projects in the form of workshops in its dedicated employment centre.

Spanish representation
A trio of athletes are set to represent Spain in the intellectual disability category of the paralympic edition of the Games. Rodríguez is one of the three and is the only Spaniard with an intellectual disability who is representing the country in athletics and is set to line up in the 400m, an event in which he boasts the fourth-fastest time in the world this year.