Los 3 valores madridistas que nos dejan los Juegos Olímpicos: la motivación

Madridista values witnessed at the Olympic Games: motivation

NEWS | 20/08/2021

Motivation is one of the key concepts that the Real Madrid Foundation teaches its more than 60,000 participants from across the globe.
Motivation can be defined as the ability to stimulate a willingness, as well as determination and resilience, which represent key factors when it comes to overcoming difficulties. The importance of motivation, along with respect and teamwork, situates it as one of the key elements that sport teaches those who practise it and that is applicable beyond the field of play.
During childhood, it is essential that children are excited by the prospect of achieving their goals, but failure to instil this in the right way can prove to be counterproductive to their development. Below are some of the key pointers to ensure that children assimilate the concept in the right way:

Place more importance on the learning journey than the result: We often praise children for achieving good marks or earning prizes at school, but without in any way being ill-intentioned, such actions can create fear or frustration at the prospect of failure. This is why it is recommended that the child is supported and receives praise for their effort so that they understand that effort is required to achieve their targets.
Establish challenging but realistic objectives: Sometimes the most difficult step is the first one and in order to motivate children they need to have the confidence to embark on a process. Once they have done so, their perseverance will see the challenges become ever greater.
Allow children to be independent and take their own decisions: From a very young age, children have a desire to be free, but are unable to express their feelings. It is initially a good idea to ask them straightforward questions, such as choosing between two options, for example, aiming for the basket from two different positions. By doing so, we help children to develop critical thinking and take responsibility for their actions, with this process one that should always be adapted to their age.
The Sport Values Academy platform has produced a video relating to the use of motivation through sport as a part of its Education in Values Through Sport course.