Más de medio millar participantes en los clinics de la Fundación en Reino Unido

Over 500 participants in the Foundation's UK clinics

NEWS | 17/08/2021

They are being run throughout August in eight cities in collaboration with Coerver Coaching England.
This summer the Real Madrid Foundation's clinics head to the UK in collaboration with Coerver Coaching England. During the month of August, nine clinics will be organised in eight cities around the country, allowing more than 500 boys and girls to enjoy this unique experience of technical improvement by means of training sessions with professionals from the club.
The first city to host the clinics was St Albans on 2 August, and this was followed by Bushey, Uxbridge, Coventry and Solihull. This week they will head to Boston, Washington and Guisborough. These technical improvement training sessions are run by two coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation who use the unique methodology used both by Real Madrid and the Foundation.
Sports-educational training days
These are the first clinics organised jointly with Coerver Coaching England in the United Kingdom. They are expected to continue in October and the idea is for the experience gained by these youngsters to be taken back to Real Madrid City, as was the case in previous seasons. These sports-educational days enable boys and girls to benefit from comprehensive training in values including respect, motivation, equality, teamwork, healthy habits, responsible self-management and engaged self-esteem, all through football.