Courtois, hasta 2026

Courtois: “I want to keep making history with Real Madrid”

NEWS | 16/08/2021

“Signing for another five years is a dream come true”, said the Madrid shot-stopper.
Thibaut Courtois was interviewed by the club’s press department after signing a contract extension that will keep him at the club until 2026: “I’m delighted. Signing for Real Madrid was a dream come true and the same goes for signing for another five years. This is down to all the hard work and I want to keep making history with Real Madrid”.
“I want to give my best every day both in training and outside, to convey the best image of Real Madrid. This is a club that always aims to win trophies and that demands the maximum from you in every game”.
Experience at Real Madrid
“I’ve gained loads more experience. I’ve also learnt how to handle the pressure that comes with being at a club like Real Madrid, because this makes you a better player and a better person too. I’ve come on leaps and bounds during my time here, I want to keep improving and helping the team”.
His finest moment
“The ten games we won after the lockdown were really special due to the situation and that run helped us win the league. Last season was good for me too, I continued to improve and I hope I can keep doing that to help the team”.

We’re really focussed on having a strong season in every competition.

“I’m not obsessed about whether people say I’m the best in the world or not. The most important thing is for me to help the team by working hard every day at Valdebebas and in the matches. If they say that about you then that’s great, but you have to keep working hard, and stay focussed because everything can change tomorrow so you’ve got to make sure you keep giving it your all. I’m focussed on winning with the team and that’s what it’s all about”.
On how he sees the games
“When we are on the attack, I’m thinking about the opposite situation. I think, what would happen if we lost the ball here? I have to make sure that the defence has not left a striker unmarked, make sure they are switched on, and I try to visualise a potential counterattack. When we defend I try to make sure we are organised, that everyone is communicating, and with short and direct messages. It’s important for a goalkeeper to do that, as well as being focussed to intervene at any time”.
“We want to keep winning games, and I need to help the team keep possession and he wants to involve the keeper more in this. I have to lead the team from the back and help with the organisation. Working under him is a great experience, it’s a different way of training and it’s always good to keep learning”.
The new season
“We’re really focussed on having a strong season in every competition. It’s really important to get off to a good start in the league. It was a tough game against Alavés and now we have to travel to Levante and Betis. It’s not easy to start with three away games. We have to win and then we return to the Bernabéu in September to play in front of our fans. We’ve certainly missed them. We’re working really hard and that showed in our fitness levels against Alavés. We kept going and pressing them until the 95th minute. It’s important to do that”.
“Playing at the Bernabéu in front of a full house is something special. We haven’t been able to do that for over a year and a half and that’s been tough because the fans help us win games. We’re all dying to get back there for the match against Celta and win the three points for the fans. Hala Madrid!”