Primer clinic de la Fundación Real Madrid en Kosovo, con STE y Zero Pozitive

The Foundation's first clinic held in Kosovo in collaboration with STE and Zero Pozitive

NEWS | 28/07/2021

150 children took part in the city of Pristina, 20% of them receiving scholarships.
The Real Madrid Foundation's first clinic in Kosovo took place in the city of Pristina, in collaboration with the local corporations STE and Zero Pozitive. Almost 150 boys and girls took part in the football with values technical improvement experience, of which 33 received a scholarship to attend, due to coming from socially vulnerable backgrounds or with low incomes.
Two of the Foundation's coaches, specially trained in the organisation's methodology and endorsed by the Real Madrid Sports Department, travelled to Pristina. The training sessions were held at Toni Bleri's facilities, Pristina- KF 2 Korriku, for children aged between 6 and 16. The sessions, which were carried out under the health safety protocol that governs all the Foundation's activities around the world, were designed according to the level of play of each bubble group in which they worked. Thus reducing the number of group trips to Real Madrid City, as only the coaches, and not the teams, travel.

The clinic featured a masterclass for local sports coaches and educators.

The clinic also featured a masterclass for local sports coaches and educators, attended by 15 participants. This session focused on the advanced individualised assessment of players and the development of technical-tactical sessions for the team.
Educational model
The Real Madrid Foundation's clinics abroad offer an educational model designed to improve technical skills for children who already know how to play football and play with their teams regularly, but are looking to enhance certain technical, tactical or strategic areas of their game.

These sporting and educational experiences enable more boys and girls to experience the Foundation's philosophy and educational methodology, providing comprehensive training in values such as respect, motivation, equality, teamwork, healthy lifestyles, self-reliance and self-esteem, through their favourite sport, in this case, football.