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Alaba: “It's a dream come true, joining the biggest club in the world”

NEWS | 21/07/2021

"This is the challenge I was looking for, I can't wait to put on the jersey and score goals for Real Madrid", added the new Real Madrid player.
After being presented as a new Real Madrid player, David Alaba spoke to the media for the first time in a virtual press conference. The Austrian player said: "It's a dream come true for me. This is the biggest club in the world and I'm very proud to be here. All I can say is that I can't wait to put on the jersey and score goals for Real Madrid".

"Firstly, I personally decided to take this move in my career, to grow as a player, but also as a person. I received several offers, but for me the only option was Real Madrid. This is a dream come true, the best club in the world and the biggest club in the world, and it's the challenge that I was looking for".

Number 4 jersey
"I spoke with the club about it. They offered me this number because there was no other number available and I know what this number means to the club. It's an honour to wear it and it's something which really motivates me. This number represents strength and leadership and I want to give it my all for this number".

What can he bring to the team?
"I'm not here to be compared to any player. I'm here to be David Alaba and to continue to be David Alaba. I want to contribute my abilities and I'm going to try, on a playing level, to contribute my strengths; and on a personal level, try to be myself".

Santiago Bernabeu
"It's a delight for me to play in front of the fans. I've been able to play at the Bernabéu with Bayern, not just once but several times, and it's always been a pleasure. The atmosphere at the Bernabéu has always been fantastic and it's a pleasure for me to wear this jersey now".

"I was sorry to see Zidane leave the club, but I also very happy to see that Ancelotti is the nem coach. I know him from my time in Munich. I saw him again a few minutes ago and it's really nice to be able to work with him again. We only spoke for a couple of minutes and we didn't talk much about football".

"I'm a very versatile player, it's no secret that I can play in different positions. The decision is up to the coach and I have confidence in him. It's up to the coach. Playing with three centre backs is a system that depends on where he wants to have each player".


"I think that at the latest I will have my first training session tomorrow. The schedule for the next few days is tough, but I'm surrounded by great people. I want to get to know the team as soon as possible and at the moment I'm feeling great".

Language and Toni Kroos
"I know a few words from my time at Bayern because we had Spanish players in the team and you end up picking up something. I'm going to try to learn the language as soon as possible to communicate with the rest of my teammates. I've spoken to Toni and I'm very happy to see him again. Real Madrid's history and the success they have had over the last few decades is something that Kroos has told me about and which we all know. It's the biggest club in the world for me".

Memories of Real Madrid
"That's a very good question. You have to go back to my childhood. We all know what this team is about. It's a huge club all over the world. The white, the word Real... I lived in Vienna when I was very young and we saw images and these are things that I have experienced. It's very special to be here today".

Sergio Ramos
"He's been here for a decade and became a leader wearing this number. Everyone's is aware of it. I was told yesterday that it was the only number available and I didn't want to start talking to other players to see if they would give me their number. That's a big motivation for me and I want to represent it and honour it. I've said that on a few occasions. But I want to repeat that I am not here to compare myself with others. I want to show my strengths and continue to be David Alaba".

Partnering Varane
"I would have loved to play with Ramos, as I have already said, as he played top-class football for more than a decade and is a leader. I would also love to play with Varane. He has played excellent football for many years. He's a great defender and has very good qualities".

"He's a world-class player. That's something that is indisputable. We all know this, but it doesn't affect me personally and it's a question that should be addressed to other people".

The club's director of institutional relations Emilio Butragueño welcomed Alaba at his first press conference, saying: " It's a very special day for all Real Madrid fans and it's an honour that, you will be part of the great family that is Real Madrid. We wish you all the best, welcome to Real Madrid".