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Vuelven los clinics a la Ciudad Real Madrid

Football clinics return to Real Madrid City

NEWS | 18/07/2021

In collaboration with Wakatake, a group of players from Japan were the first to enjoy the technical-tactical improvement program.
After more than 18 months in which clinics have barely been held at all in Madrid due to the pandemic, the first group of players arrived at Real Madrid City from Japan to take part in the technical improvement clinic run by the Real Madrid Foundation. The group was made up of over fifty children, who travelled after restrictions between Spain and Japan were lifted. In collaboration with Wakatake, the players, aged between 11 and 15, were the first to enjoy the revitalised clinics program for the 2021/22 season.
The technical improvement clinics see the Foundation open its doors to children's football teams across the globe. It provides elite-level training endorsed by the Real Madrid Academy, which is completed by the Foundations methodology for education in values, run at Real Madrid City. They deliver intensive training sessions based on an evaluation of each player and group. Perfecting technical and tactical elements through specific tasks or skills, alongside the dynamics of each team, is combined with education in the values of respect, motivation, teamwork, healthy habits, self-esteem, responsible  independence, equality and solidarity.
Getting the clinics back up to speed
Over the course of this season, the hope is that the pitches at Real Madrid City will once again host children's teams from abroad as they take part in the clinics program, halted by travel restrictions imposed in light of the pandemic. In its last full season, the Foundation's Clinics and Campus Area ran the project at Real Madrid City for teams from 25 different countries, allowing over 4,500 young people to take part in the unique experience.